About BagsAreForGroceries.com



Bagsareforgroceries was originally put together to create stickers for the automotive community. We knew there was a big demand for quality decals, and we knew we can offer the best service. Bagsareforgroceries actively takes part in the Automotive Blogs, www.FuelRiders.com & www.VagScene.com, and supplies services to many in the greater Montreal area.

We are constantly expanding, creating new designs, and keeping up with trends.

Our Products.

  • Stickers: Made using premium self-adhesive vinyl material able to last up to 5-7 years in an outdoor environment without cracking or fading.
  • Phone Cases: Quality plastic shell seamlessly covers your phone to protect it from minor wear and tear.
  • Tshirts: Printed in house on American Apparel shirts.

Custom Orders

Custom Vinyl Stickers can be made for your needs. If you wish to have one of our existing designs modified or sized differently, we are capable of doing it. We also make custom lettering and designs. Send us an email and we will get back to you.

Sample work we've done:

(Matte Black SuperKawaii Winshield Banner)
Skyline Windshield Banner

(Chrome Eurokracy Sticker)
Eurokracy Stickers

(Custom Instagram Sticker)
Custom Instagram Stickers

(Custom StanceCulture Door Panel Sticker)
StanceCulture Pierre